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Tom-Rath-09 Tom Rath is an author, speaker, and researcher who studies the role of human behavior in business, health, and well-being. He advises executive groups and has been a keynote speaker at large organizations and events around the world including: Aetna, Aspen Institute, Bank of America, Cisco Systems, Genentech, Gilead, HP, KIPP, Institute for Corporate Productivity, Mercer, Nationwide, Qualcomm, Siemens, The Chair Academy, The Pentagon, UBS, U.S. Department of Treasury, and numerous university, association, and corporate events. Tom has also been a regular lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania for several years.

Tom selects a limited number of speaking engagements each year based on the fit between his expertise and the organization’s goals and mission. He also spends time researching each organization’s strengths, challenges, and speaking with key leaders and event organizers to customize his talk for each audience. To learn more about Tom or read and extended biography, see this page or inquire about his schedule for an event.

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Speaking Topics

Fully Charged: Energizing Work and Life

Drawing on the latest and most practical research from business, psychology, and economics, Tom focuses on changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others. He challenges audiences to stop pursuing happiness and start creating meaning instead, rethink their daily interactions with the people who matter most, and to put their own health first in order to be their best every day.

Sustainable Engagement, Well-Being, and Performance

Tom challenges individuals and organizational leaders to rethink what leads to employee engagement and sustainable high performance. He incorporates the latest research on health and well-being with his stories and observations from working with some of the world's most admired employers.

Leading With Strengths

Reviewing some of the most practical research from Tom's books on strengths and leadership, this presentation focuses on how managers and leaders in particular can invest in other people in a way that benefits individual lives and improves the long-term future of the organization. Tom questions the conventional wisdom of how we look at the relationship between individuals and organizations, while suggesting a better fundamental compact for the future.

Eating, Moving, and Sleeping for Energy and High-Performance

This presentation draws heavily on Tom's New York Times bestseller Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes and shares some of the best ways to improve health, energy, and achievement in the workplace. Tom explores what is working and some of the changes that need to occur in order for current health and well-being programs to be more meaningful and effective.

Key Themes & Expertise

• Leadership
• Health
• Wearable Technology
• Management
• Well-Being
• Employee Engagement
• The Future of Work
• Peak Performance
• Strengths
• Meaningful Work
• Motivation
• Interactions & Relationships


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