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Interviews with leading experts on Meaning, Interactions, and Energy. All outtakes from the feature-length film, Fully Charged.

Ryan Howell

Ryan Howell, a leading scientist on behavioral finance at San Francisco State University, explains how spending on experiences and other people leads to a life of meaning and purpose.

General Horoho

Army Surgeon General Patricia Horoho speaks about the need for individuals, schools, and organizations to make sleep a priority for the sake of cognition and performance.

Thomas Gilovich

Professor Thomas Gilovich, one of the world's leading experts on decision making and behavioral economics, describes how the anticipation and recall of experiences are often more important than the event itself.

Nicholas Christakis

Yale physician and leading researcher on social networks describes his personal inspiration for studying how our lives are influenced by the people around us.

Brian Wansink

The Director of Cornell's Food and Brand Lab on how you can create a better dialogue at dinner time, one that leads to healthier choices.

Amy Wrzesniewski

Yale's Amy Wrzesniewski talks about the difference between a basic job and a calling. She also describes her groundbreaking work from West Point about the pitfalls of external motivators.