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Fun list of outtakes from the new book, in a twitter-friendly format, from @FauziaBurkeFor more about the book Are You Fully Charged? The Three Keys for Energizing Work and Life, visit this page.


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  1. “Make work a purpose, not just a place.”
  2. “Meaning does not happen to you — you create it.”
  3. “The pursuit of meaning—not happiness—is what makes life worthwhile.”
  4. “People who wrap their identity around their income rarely find satisfaction in their work.”
  1. “The reality is, you don’t always have tomorrow to do what matters most.”
  2. “The opportunity to do something you love will always be there, as long as you start today.”
  3. “To do justice to those who have invested in you, live the life you want.”
  4. “Work is like any other social network: both negative and positive emotions spread quickly.”
  1. “What will matter later in life is what you initiate today, not what you respond to.”
  2. “Being “busy” is often the antithesis of working on what matters most.”
  3. “Focus on less to do more.”
  4. “Trying to do a little bit of everything leads to doing nothing of substance.”
  5. “You have the ability to add a positive charge to every conversation.”
  6. “Every hour of sleep is an investment in your future, not an expense.”
  7. “Being active throughout the day is the key to staying energized.”
  8. “Sitting may be the most underrated health threat of this generation.”
  9. “You simply think better when you move more.”
  10. “The actions you take throughout every single day accumulate to shape your overall life.”
  11. “Life is a composite of millions of individual interactions.”
  12. “If you try to be good at everything, you eliminate your chances of being great at anything.”
  1. “Best way to use your financial resources is to spend them on meaningful experiences.”
  2. “The food you eat not only influences your energy levels, it also affects your mood.”
  3. “On a global level, inactivity now kills more people than cigarettes.”
  4. “Creating meaning for others matters more than pursuing happiness for yourself.”
  5. “Meaningful work is driven by deep, internal motivation.”
  6. “Your work should improve your overall well-being.”
  7. “Focus most of your time and attention on what is working.”
  8. “Social networks, that we often take for granted, profoundly shape our lives.”
  9. “Spending on people and experiences yields the greatest return.”
  10. “The best moments in life rarely happen while you are sitting around alone.”