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Meaning Matters More Than Happiness

  By Tom Rath The pursuit of meaning — not happiness — is what makes life worthwhile. Despite Thomas Jefferson including it in the Declaration of Independence, the “pursuit of happiness” is a shortsighted aim. Putting your own well-being before well-doing pulls you in the wrong direction. People who spend life seeking happiness are unlikely […]

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Three Keys to a Full Charge

By Tom Rath When you are fully charged, you get more done. You have better interactions. Your mind is sharp, and your body is strong. On days when you are fully charged, you experience high levels of engagement and well-being. This charge carries forward, creating an upward cycle for those you care about. I am […]

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Early Preview of New Book and Movie

Hello and thanks again for following along on this blog and through social media. My team and I have been highly focused on a few big projects, hence the lack of updates for a while. Over the last year, along with several great partners and leading social scientists, we have been plugging away to create an entire new series. During […]

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A New App to Track How You Eat, Move, and Sleep

We are living in a remarkable era when it comes to medical research and wearable technologies that have the potential to improve our health. Every single day, I read new research about specific actions we can take to be healthier and have more energy. With all of the informa­tion that emerges come opportunities for us […]

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Four hours of sleep loss = a six-pack of beer

A few weeks ago, I wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal that mentioned how four hours of sleep loss produces as much impairment as consuming a six-pack of beer. Take a moment to think about the implications from this research. Across almost all professions, people will go to work today in a near-drunken state. […]

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How many (productive) hours do you have in a week?

I read a couple of fascinating articles this weekend exploring the history and rationale behind a 40-hour workweek. My main takeaway (from these articles in Salon and Inc.) is: Your workweek has a drop-off point where an additional hour of work no longer equals an extra hour of productivity. While I was working on the book […]

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You can’t be anything you want to be…

You cannot be anything you want to be – but you can be a lot more of who you already are. As I described in a post yesterday, this was one of many lessons I learned from my late grandfather Don Clifton (1924-2003) who would be celebrating his 90th birthday today. This is why it can be […]

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